Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Making a Facsimile Cover in Leather

tooling on cover

finish work on spine
A local scientist wanted one of his many contributions to the study of moths to be leather bound. We decided to do a facsimile of the original paper cover in Siegel's fair goat. The front was fairly straightforward (if time consuming) work on the stamping press using a variety of foils and fonts. The spine was more difficult. I build the majority of my covers on the book which means all spine work must be done by hand. I printed out the text and then used my handle letters warm to impress each individual letter through the paper onto the spine. I then went over these impressions with the foil. I had to be gentle with the tool, using a light hand to allow the tool to nestle into the impression before applying the pressure necessary to print. I quite liked the final result which reminded me of old French paperbacks.

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